Lucky Baby!
Do you have the luck of the Irish?
On Saint Patrick’s Day, everyone’s encouraged to be a little bit Irish, and the folks at Safety 1st are no exception. We celebrated yesterday with the wearing of the green, but are always curious to learn how you and your little ones spend different holidays and invite you to share on our Facebook Fan page (after you’ve finished reading our newsletter of course). We’ve also sprinkled lucky news throughout this mail for you to find. Whether it’s learning something new about Irish names, featured products and safety tips or entering yourself in our popular monthly giveaway, we hope luck finds you where you need it most.

Speaking of giveaways, this month we’re happy to feature a very special booster that will have your little one feeling as lucky as a leprechaun. The Snack ‘n Scribble Booster Seat features a great play tray that includes a magnetic scribble surface and easy-grasp toys for drawing and stamping fun! Be sure to try your luck at winning one of these neat seats in the contest below.

Complete Air™ SE Convertible
Car Seat !
Lucky you! Our popular Complete Air Convertible car seat now comes in a Special Edition! Still featuring our revolutionary Air Protect™ Side Impact Technology this Special Edition Car Seat also features a 4-position recline that provides extra comfort and extra-comfortable premium fabrics with custom embroidery.
Bottle Medicine Dispenser
The Safety 1st Bottle Medicine Dispenser easily dispenses medicine in a familiar way. To use just remove the top, fill to desired dosage and snap the top back on. It's as easy as 1-2-3!
Kimberlee’s Corner
Do you have a safety conundrum in your home? Submit it on the new Safety 1st Safety Squad Facebook page and have it answered by Kimberlee Mitchell, Child Safety Expert & Professional Childproofer. New to childproofing and not sure what to ask? The Safety Squad page is always posting new tips to help out both beginners and experienced parents alike!
Top Tips for March
Parents can’t always rely on the “luck of the Irish” to keep their baby safe, so here are some top safety tips for around the home to consider for your little one:

1. Cabinets and drawers contain many hazards, such as cleaning supplies that are toxic, plastic bags which pose a suffocation and choking hazard, breakable and sharp objects, and food that can be a choking hazard. Be sure to lock all cabinets and drawers to keep your child away from the contents. Also move all cleaning supplies, including dishwasher detergent to a locked closet or a cabinet that is up high and out of your child's reach.

2. The hard, sharp edges of furniture such as coffee tables and end tables can pose a hazard to crawling babies, and even walking toddlers. Be sure to pad corners and edges to avoid injury.

3. Cover all outlets to prevent an electrical shock.

4. Blind cords can pose a strangulation hazard to children. Do not position the crib near a window. Wrap up excess blind cords to keep them out of reach.

5. Be sure to install a gate at the top and bottom of each stairway to prevent falls. Never use a pressure-fit gate at the top of the stairs, but rather a gate that can be mounted with hardware.
Congratulations to Last Month’s Winners!

Each winner receives a Safety 1st Pop-Up infant tub!

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Treva Scholl, Monticello, IA
Janise Bond, Philadelphia, PA
Katie Schaumberg, West Bend, WI
Meleia Burnett, Parsons, KS
Michelle Chopper, Shrewsbury, PA

Lucky Names! (continued)
In Ireland, as in the U.S., parents pick names from all sorts of origins. We looked at a list of the top 20 names from Ireland in recent years and concentrated on those that we knew came from Gaelic origin or had a unique Irish twist. We list out the meanings and then let you know the popularity in Ireland as of 2008. Since some of the names sounded rather unfamiliar to our American ears, we then looked up the U.S. data to see how it ranked “across the pond” in that same year. In some cases, a name that made it into Ireland’s top 20, didn’t even get into the top 1000 for the U.S.

It’s interesting to note that Conor spelled in the traditional Irish way was only 517th in the U.S. while the more familiar to us Connor landed at 57. Likewise, Aiofe didn’t make the top 1000 on the U.S. list, but the anglicized Eva made it to 114. Want to learn even more? We found both of these sites helpful in determining the ranking information we gave above.



As for the meanings behind the names, we confess that we typed the names into our favorite search engine and picked the meanings that came up most often in the top search results. We invite you to share your own favorite baby names and their meanings as you understand them on our Facebook Fan page!

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