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This month’s mail is full of earth friendly fun! We share some child-appropriate earth day activities that we’ve come across, and invite you over to our Facebook® Fan page to let us know what your family is doing to celebrate the earth this month. We’ve included a fun eco-quiz, eco-conscious products to peruse, and a chance for you to win one of our popular bamboo booster seats. We also turn the focus on the upcoming Babies movie that features babies from around the world. Plenty of things to help get you into the Earth Day spirit!
Family Friendly
Earth Day Activities

Earth Day presents parents with a great opportunity for teaching children about taking care of the planet in a fun and engaging way. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite ideas for younger children and invite you to check them out. We then give you an opportunity to share some of your own!


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Family Friendly Earth Day Activities (continued)

Plant an Earth Day Tree

Parents of babies may think that their Earth Day teaching opportunities are limited, but they actually have a great chance to start a tradition that can last a lifetime. Plant a tree in your yard for each child and let it become their very own Earth Day tree. For the youngest children, the first year or two will be more about you as parents having a special Earth Day moment, but as your child – and the tree – grow, it becomes easy to use the connection to help you talk about the environment. This will also allow them to begin to feel ownership for a small part of the planet we all share. Some families may want to dedicate an area around each child’s tree for a special garden where they can grow their own choice of vegetable or flower. Teaching children the importance of taking care of the growing earth as they grow up themselves is an easy way to teach about the environment. The best part is that the tree will serve as a year-round reminder about caring for the environment around you.

Teach by Example and Use the Magic Words

For those of you who don’t have a garden…or a green thumb, the previous idea may seem a bit out of your range, but you can still have a positive effect on your child by remembering that even the smallest children are aware of the world around them and learn best by following the examples of the adults they are always watching. In the same way you talk your children through the process of brushing their teeth or hair to help them learn, talk about what you are doing within the household to live an eco-conscious life. With the three magic words of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, these lessons are easy to teach. When putting a can or jar into the recycling bin (or letting an older child do it themselves) talk them through the why of Recycling instead of just the action itself. Children can easily learn to do things by rote, but knowing why it is important to the planet and their future on it helps them to continue the actions over a lifetime. The bonus of talking about the whys hidden behind Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is that you will be reinforcing the message for yourself as well as your child.

If you’re having trouble remembering the whys yourself, the EPA has a fun site for slightly older children (and their parents) about helping the environment that can be found here.

Read for the Environment

We’ll never pass up an opportunity to point out the benefits of reading to your child, and Earth Day is no exception! There are quite a few fun books out there that can also help you teach your child about caring for the planet we all share. Three of our favorites are below, but remember that your local library is a great resource for more and that borrowing a book from there is easier on both the environment and your wallet!

Little Helpers
Published just in time for Earth Day 2010, this vibrant book is a nice way to introduce the idea that the little things we do every day can help the earth. As an eco-bonus, the book is made from 98% post-consumer recycled materials and printed with eco-friendly ink, with a helpful parent section at the back with tips on living green and helpful hints on how to talk to children about eco-conscious living.

The Lorax - Dr. Seuss
While a bit controversial when first published back in 1971 due to what was seen as an anti-industry message, this book is now recognized as an environmental classic by eco-parents all over. It explains in simple terms the consequences of overbuilding and the importance of conservation. Be warned, your little ones may be inspired to start shouting “I speak for the trees!” at odd moments!

The Curious Garden – Peter Brown
This beautifully illustrated book starts in a grey city landscape with little growth. Thanks to the efforts of one little boy tending a small garden, the city’s grey is soon being covered by plants of all sorts. The Curious Garden is an engaging way for parents to teach that everyone can play a part in making the world a greener place.

Have some fun environmentally friendly activities or books that you’d like to share with our readers? Pop on over to our Facebook® Fan page and post them for us to see!

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