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Safety 1<sup />st</sup> August Newsletter
Keeping Baby Safe Let’s talk baby safety! September is a week away and Safety 1st is happy to get a head start on Baby Safety month by giving you a chance to meet some of our safety experts on Facebook. As the brand with Safety in our name, we're thinking of safety year round, but how much do you know about childproofing?Take a quiz that will help you find out and then put some of that knowledge in action by entering to win a special Home Safety Prize Pack!
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Childproofing QUiz Meet our Experts on Facebook
With Baby Safety Month right around the corner, it’s a great time to ask: How safe is your house? From checking your house for potential hazards to awareness of common cooking ingredients that may prove dangerous for young family members, our quiz has you covered.See how much you know about making your home a safe haven by taking our Home Safety Quiz. We’ve made it easy for you to hear directly from our own safety experts: Dr. Laura Jana and Julie Vallese on topics such as car seat safety, potty training and more. Head over to Facebook and check out our new tab to watch the videos. Or, if you have a question you'd like to ask our experts, we have an easy form for you to fill out. We’ll then consider your question for a future video topic!
Books We Love Win a Home Safety Pack
Your little one may not be reading Shakespeare yet, but it’s never too early to start introducing them to books. “The years from birth through age 5 are a critical time for children’s development and learning. Learning to read begins well before children enterschool.” In the spirit of the back to school season, we asked Safety 1st parents to share some of their family favorites. This handy prize pack includes a Perfect Fit Gate to help you restrict access to rooms, a full set of magnetic locks that help keep cabinets off limits without marring the front of your doors, a pack of ProGrade Dual Action Outlet Solutions to help keep your outlets freefrom curious fingers, and two ProGrade Finger Pinch Preventers to stop fingers from getting caught, whether young or old!
July Savings Last Months Winners
For the rest of this month we’re offering free shipping on any purchase – no minimum! Offer valid online when you shop our Safety 1st, Cosco, and Eddie Bauer.


Congratulations to Last Month's eNews Winners! One lucky winner will receive a Safety 1st 2-in-1 Fun Rocker!

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