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Celebrating Dads

Safety 1st celebrates Dad this month with a fun POP quiz, a printable Father’s Day greeting for your little one to color in, and a chance to win a Bamboo Gate that Dad and the whole family will appreciate. Want to shout out how great your Dad is? Tell us about it on our Facebook® page. We’re also happy to offer both dads and moms shopping with us this weekend an extra 15% off on all our websites.
Think You Know Pops?
We’ve got a fun quiz with questions about 10 famous dads: historic, fictional, artistic, and more. See if you can figure out which famous dad is which!

Dad’s Day Drawing
Need something special for your little one to pass along to Dad for his special day? Here is a printable sheet for your little one to color in themselves and give to the Dads in their lives.

Summer Safety Tips
June is Home Safety Month! As the company with Safety in our name, we want to pass along some helpful tips from our experts. Fathers may be the focus of this eNews, but safety is something for the whole family to concentrate on, so we encourage all of our readers to click through.

We’re celebrating 25 years of Safety 1st with exclusive giveaways to our @Safety_1st Twitter followers, starting on the 25th of each month. On June 25th, tune into our Twitter feed to learn more about how to enter to win one of 10 special gifts!
Monthly Contest
Enter for your chance to win a Safety 1st Nature Next™ Bamboo Gate. This pressure-mounted gate can be used in doorways and openings anywhere from 28 to 42 inches wide where it provides a barrier that is 24 inches tall.

Safety 1st®
Nature Next™ Bamboo Gate

Our Bamboo Gate is the eco-conscious way to restrict access between rooms. Made from durable bamboo, a renewable resource, the gate also features 100% recycled plastic panels.
Safety 1st is happy to welcome our European sister brand to the U.S.A! Hoppop products are created with an eye for beauty, a dedication to quality, a passion for design, and a devotion to meaningful innovation. We invite you to check Hoppop out for yourself!
Safety 1st® ProGrade™ Swing Shut Outlet Cover

This sleekly designed outlet cover uses spring-loaded action to automatically block the outlet when a plug is removed. Also features the SecureTech™ locking indicator, which makes it easy to see that the cover is properly in place.

Safety 1st®
Naturals Shampoo
& Body Wash

This naturally mild and effective shampoo and body wash lets you bathe your child naturally, from head to toe. Pediatrician tested and NPA certified, Naturals™ products do not contain parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde or dyes.
Last month Kimberlee Mitchell, Child Safety Expert & Professional Childproofer, attended the 25th anniversary event for Safety 1st. Read about her experience and watch a fun video she posted on her Safety 1st Squad blog.

Think You Know Pops?

1. Which top-level politician recently pledged to lose 15 pounds before his daughter's wedding?
Bill Clinton
George W. Bush
Al Gore
Dick Cheney

2. This cartoon dad is famous for saying, “Move over, eggs. Bacon just got a new best friend – fudge!”
Fred Flintstone
Stan Smith
Homer Simpson
Peter Griffin

3. Which musical father is also an author of children’s books?
MC Hammer
Chris Martin
Marc Anthony
Tim McGraw

4. This founding father once said, “I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man.”
Benjamin Franklin
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington
Sam Adams

5. Which magical dad named his child Moxie Crimefighter?
Penn Jillette
Cris Angel
Harry Houdini
David Copperfield

6. This funny dad once said, “Everyone should have kids. They are the greatest joy in the world. But they are also terrorists. You'll realize this as soon as they're born, and they start using sleep deprivation to break you.”
Bernie Mac
Ray Romano
Carlos Mencia
Steve Martin

7. Which classic television dad took his family to Hawaii?
Mike Brady
Jason Seaver
Danny Tanner
All of the Above

8. This father of four, who has also been called ‘the father of American Literature’, noted that, “The most interesting information comes from children, for they tell all they know and then stop.”
Mark Twain
William Faulkner
Stephen King
Herman Melville

9. Which high-flying father of two became the oldest person to go into space at age 77?
Buzz Aldrin
Alan Shepard
John Glenn
Neil Armstrong

10. Which hard-rocking dad recorded his first song at the age of 17 for the 1980 album, Christmas in the Stars: The Star Wars Christmas Album? (The song was titled: R2-D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas.)
Bruce Springsteen
Jon Bon Jovi
Steven Tyler
Phil Collins

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Correct answers:

Summer Safety Tips

Many of us have heard a horror story about a child left alone in a hot car, but the warning bears repeating. This is not an urban legend told to frighten new parents, but a fact backed up by sad statistics. On a hot summer day, the interior temperature of a car can quickly rise to over 120 degrees. Children, especially babies, have a smaller body mass and are more susceptible to heat stroke than adults. Worries about heat stroke aside, a curious child left alone in the vehicle could easily release the brake or be seen as a target by an unsavory stranger. We advise that you never leave your child alone in the car during any time of the year.

Air Conditioners and Fans
When the heat goes up, many families use air conditioners and fans to help cool off. This is a great benefit of modern living, but both pose some safety risks that parents need to be aware of.

With air conditioners, be sure they are seated securely in the window and that they are made clearly off limits to smaller children who love to push buttons. Also be aware of the temptation that an air conditioner on the outside of the house presents to an older child who enjoys climbing and may try to get a better view by climbing on top of the unit. This could end up badly for both the child and your air conditioner.

Fans, especially older models, pose obvious risks to little fingers that can reach in through the protective cover. Be sure to place them well out of reach and be careful of those cords! A fan is light enough to be easily pulled off of a table or counter, but will still do real damage if it falls on your child.

If your family spends time on an outside deck, be sure to install a hardware-mounted gate at the top of the stairs as well as Railnet® netting to prevent falls. Sand down any wood banisters or boards that be may splintering in order to avoid painful splinters. Clean off any rusted areas and always be sure to keep your child away from the grill when barbecuing.

Pools and Water
Drowning remains the leading cause of unintentional death for children 1-4. Please be safe! If you have a pool, be sure that there is a locked fence surrounding it to prevent your child from accessing the pool unsupervised. Kiddy pools should be drained when not in use. Also, if there is a hot tub in your home, make it off-limits to children. Drain the water when not in use or keep the cover or door locked.

Remember, there is no substitute for parental supervision. Help make sure your summer is a fun one by being aware of the hazards and taking steps to protect your little ones from the potential dangers.

Congratulations to Last Month’s
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Each winner will receive one of our iconic Baby on Board™ magnets to display on their car!

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Congratulations to Last Month’s Mother’s Day Giveaway Winners!

Each winner will receive one of our eco-conscious Mommy & Baby Bamboo Grooming & Bathing Sets!

Meleia Burnett, Parsons, KS
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