Over 25 Years
of Safety 1st


Parents have many important firsts to celebrate: first steps, first words and first birthdays; just to name a few. Safety 1st is honored that so many parents have shared these firsts with us over the past 25 years and we invite you to continue sharing.

The experts at Safety 1st know first-hand that parenting is the hardest – and most rewarding – job out there. After all, we’re parents ourselves! The new Safety 1st TV provides you with child safety advice and insights from our experts with just a click.

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Twenty-five years ago, parents across America began proudly displaying the Safety 1st “Baby On Board®” signs in their cars.

To Celebrate 25 Years of Safety 1st, we’re giving away 25 signs!
Safety 1st ® Baby
On Board® Magnet

Let people know that you’ve got your “Baby on Board” with the classic sign by Safety 1st, in a handy magnet version that adheres to the back of your car without leaving any marks.
Safety 1st ® AdapTable High Chair

Fits right in your home. With 6 different heights, a 4-position tray and 3 different recline positions, it's easy to adapt this high chair to the best feeding position for your little one, whether they're a newborn, growing baby or toddler.
Can’t get enough of our new video feature on Safety 1st TV? Kimberlee Mitchell, Child Safety Expert & Professional Childproofer has launched a video feature on her popular Safety 1st SquadSM blog.
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Congratulations to Last
Month’s Contest Winners!

Each winner will receive one of our popular Bamboo Booster Seats.

Meleia Burnett, Parsons, KS
Angie Barrick, Mapleton, IL
Jay Waschak, Westlake, OH
Stacie Fourroux, Langhorne, PA
Stacey Bradley, Sacramento, CA
Safety 1st ® Glow & Go Duo Monitoring System

Bring crisp and clear audio monitoring to your family with the Glow & Go Duo Monitoring System. As your baby travels through the busy day, so does the Glow & Go. From nursery to playroom to kitchen, there's no need to plug and unplug over and over again.
Over 25 Years of Safety 1st (continued)
It all started in 1984, when Safety 1st came onto the scene with the now internationally recognized “Baby on Board®” sign. We went on to become the first company to develop a comprehensive line of childproofing products with items like the SafeSocketTM.


We soon expanded our offering to cover other juvenile categories, from monitors to bouncers, car seats and more: developing a reputation for unique, feature-rich, quality products loved by parents all over.

Safety 1st has been there since 1984 with innovative products designed to make your family safer and your life easier. This has been our mission for over 25 years. Styles may have changed, but we remain committed to giving you the peace of mind for every 1st you and your child experience.

We are proud to celebrate over 25 years of firsts and share this honor with all the parents who've traveled the road to better safety with us. Our history is impressive, but we look eagerly ahead to a future filled with safe and innovative products for parents and children for generations to come. Over 25 years of putting

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